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Save Lives In Yemen

In conjunction with Giveaway, Volunteer Abroad and Project A ...

$ 1,000,000.00
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Why Choose Crowdmagna

Crowdmagna is the first crowdffunding platform that supports bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies worldwide, no matter where you are you can donate to the success of a campaign anywhere


These exclusive features are available to all crowdmagna members


Cryto Payments

Bitcoin is universally accepted, we have embeded a blockchain technology inside our website where members can easily pay and accept


Mobile Money

Crowdmagna’s aim is to help people in need, our service supports donation via  popular mobilemoney platform in Africa and around the world


Credit And Cards

We accept popular visa and mastercard and american express payments

Innovative And Quick

Our setup does not involve any long process, raise money with just some simple setup. We have embed  social media sharing so you can quickly share your campaign with family and friends. 

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