Crowd Projects

Some projects require time in order to grow or become profitable, the risk involved in these projects are minimal. 80% of the profits from such such projects are shared among Crowd participants, 10% kept by Crowdmagna and 10% for charity, which will be decided by the participants as to where this monies should go. Lets rise and make the world a better place through Crowd!!!


Our main objectives is to put smiles on the face of people, we have slated 5% of any profit accrued in this projects to be used as seed for supporrting the vulnerable in the community!! One of our tags is "Give with reason" It is important that whatever monies that goes out must be put on fertile ground.


All short term investment, returns normally come in three(3) to four(4) months after project commences. All returns might increase or decrease in time of investment but Crowdmagna short term investments offers the best!!


Our short term Crowd projects are opened to members participating in the projects. Most of our short term projects are mainly events accessible to all participant.


Every good investment should be valueble to the investor, our team considers different opportunities and pick what we consider the best before projects are put out there.

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