Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crowdmagna?

Crowdmagna is a crowdfunding platform where users launch campaigns for others to contribute and raise funds for a course from Charity, business, medical, community and many others.

Do you Pay to join?

No!!! Crowdmagna does not charge to list your campaign on our website, we rather give out $20 to anyone who signs up and launches a campaign. Money is depsited to your wallet.

What is your referral bonuses

As part of our initiative to expand motivate, we are giving out 1% of any amount raised by a referral. This percentage is taken out of our 5% we charge on any campaign launched. You are entitled to withdraw when the campaign ends successfully.

How do i get paid after my campaign

At the end of the campaign the withdraw button will be made available on my wallet in your account, just click and provide us your bank details and money will be deposited right into your account.

Who is eligible to signup?

Our platform is accessible to anyone from all the four corners of earth, any one can signup. Through the integration of bitcoin donations can be made from everywhere. We also accept mobile money and credit and debit card.

Can i get paid with bitcoin

Yes we pay users with bitcoin and bank accounts.

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